Pamela Love, Designer

Pamela Love defies traditional categories of jewelry. She draws her inspiration from many of her favorite artists, including Joseph Cornell, Lee Bontecou, Hieronymous Bosch, Alejandro Jodorowsky, and Francesco Clemente. Love's creativity is fueled by her passion for nature and science as well as astronomy, astrology, religion, magic and folk jewelry. She also feels a deep connection to the American Southwest where she often travels for inspiration.

Ask Pamela a Question

  • Nicole Aleman:
    Where is the Heishi Bead bracelet in black still available?
    Pamela: You can email us for special orders! We don't have it listed in our webstore, but send an inquiry to: XX
  • Nadia Bailey:
    What was your favourite part of New York Fashion Week this year?
    Pamela: I always like seeing my designer friend's shows
  • Amy Sturm:
    which historically significant woman would you like to wear these?
    Pamela: Georgia O'Keefe
  • Nadia Bailey:
    Which city do you find most inspiring?
    Pamela: New York. It is where a lot of my inspiration comes from and where all of my jewelry is produced.
  • erica munoz:
    What is your favorite movie of all time?
    Pamela: The Holy Mountain by Alejandro Jodorowsky
  • MEAGAN Singh:
    Do you offer internships?? If so, where do I apply? :)
    Pamela: Yes! Please email us at
  • Janelle Korcheck:
    Where did the idea come from for the famous pendant necklace for the Vampire Eric in True Blood?
    Pamela: The Eagle Claw Necklace was already one of my signature styles, I partnered with HBO and did a special edition for True Blood, its one of my favorite shows. I love the style of the title sequence.
  • Samantha Dines:
    Blackberry, Android, or Iphone?
    Pamela: Blackberry, i'll never trade it in.
  • Andria Atkinson:
    For a new collection what inspirations do you look to?
    Pamela: I am inspired a lot by experience and travel. I have always been interested in nature and science as well as astronomy, religion, magic, and folk jewelry.
  • Fevi Reyes:
    How did you got discovered?
    Pamela: There are tons of people and institutions that have helped me make it to where I am now. I've been so lucky to have the honor and privilege of collaborating with amazing artists, designers + retailers.
  • Ola Ozarowska:
    What is your favourite piece of jewelry?
    Pamela: A pair of dangly aquamarine earrings that my mother gave me when I was six years old, I lost one but keep the other as a reminder of my first connection with jewelry. What's yours?
  • Ingrid Mesa:
    How do you choose your materials?
    Pamela: Depends on the season. I'm always inspired by something new.
  • Drue Kataoka:
    What book are you looking forward to reading?
    Pamela: Lowlands by Jordan Sullivan.
  • Francesca Ward:
    Are you inspired by the Druids?
    Pamela: No, but maybe next season. I'm inspired by all kinds of things.
  • Ola Ozarowska:
    Is there a band or a song that always inspires you?
    Pamela: Anything by Neil Young.
  • Momoko Taguchi:
    Do you ever practice meditation?
    Pamela: Sometimes, but I have not really mastered it.
  • Johanna Stout:
    What is your favorite thing about New Mexico?
    Pamela: you
  • Joanna O:
    If you were not a designer, what would your profession be?
    Pamela: A painter
  • Shannon Baker:
    What is a dessert place in NYC that you dig?
    Pamela: Pinkberry's plain yogurt with fresh fruit toppings is my regular go-to dessert
  • Ekaterina Tzvetkova:
    Where will you be for Fashion's Night Out?
    Pamela: I will be at What Goes Around Comes Around at 351 W Broadway (b/w Broome and Grand) debuting a limited edition custom vintage collection. See you there!

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